A detailed look at the Xpeng P7 interior and acceleration

Xpeng P7 interior and acceleration: comes in two models: smart and premium. The smart costs RMB 229900, and the premium model costs RMB 239900. Xpeng will be ready to enter the UK and European markets in 2022.

Experts agree that Xpeng can compete with Tesla Models. We all know that Xpeng already beat NIO in sales, performance, range, and interior design. Xpeng 7 starts at $50,000.

Xpeng P7 Interior With Color:

Xpeng P7 interior
Xpeng P7 interior
  • Red
  • White
  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Green

The Xpeng P7 comes in 3 Cabin Themes.

  • Stylish Orange
  • Elegant Beige
  • Cool Black

Design of Xpeng P7:

In spite of its small size, the centre console provides adequate of storage space, and it achieves it without the annoyance of usual equipment such as parking brakes and gear shifters. Inside the cockpit, there is a 15-inch touch screen.

Xpeng P7 Dimensions:

A overall length of 2998mm and size of 4880mm x 1896mm x 1450mm make up the overall dimensions of the vehicle. 1615mm and 1621mm are the lengths of the tracks on the front and rear wheels, respectively. It has a cargo capacity of 440L and can accommodate up to five people.

Performance Overview:

Using NEDC Range calculator it gives the following rang

  • 480km RWD standard range
  • 586 km RWD long range
  • 562 Km 4WD high performance

The NEDC Driving Range is 706 kilometers. It has an RR arrangement with a 196kW/390Nm 2nd Generation Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM). Battery capacity is 60.2 km/h; maximum speed is 170 km/h. Lithium iron phosphate battery with liquid cooling. The building houses two Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors, one in front and one in behind.

  • An apparatus for heating at extremely low temperatures
  • Range of NEDC: 480 km
  • Range in DC: 240km
  • Approximately 30 minutes to fully charge an AC adapter (30 to 80 percent)
  • Time to charge the electric vehicle with three-phase supply (30% to 80% charge): 5 hours
  • Charging electric power in three phases (30 percent to 80 percent)
  • Braking system – Independent front suspension / independent rear suspension
  • Ventilated brakes on the front and back
  • Mode for recovering disc brake energy
  • Drag coefficient for high and low speeds -0.236

Xpeng P7 Interior With Driving Assistance System:

Each model uses either the XPILOT 2.5+ or 3.0 hardware system. Premium models have a much more powerful processor than smart models, which acts as an intelligent control unit.
High-Definition Millimeter Wave Radars are available in three smart model configurations and five premium model variants. Both models contain 12 Ultrasonic Wave Sensors.
All smart and premium models have four Autonomous Assistance Surround View Cameras. The smart model has one and the premium model has ten Autonomous Assistance Driving High Perception Cameras. The gadget has three charging ports and one data port.

Infotainment Technology:

  • Control through mobile application with 4G connectivity
  • 128GB of storage for audio/video entertainment
  • Some pre installed Games available