Are EVs Safe to Drive?

EVs, are really safe to drive. In fact, they are safer than gasoline-powered cars for two main reasons. First, EVs have a low center of gravity. This means that most of the weight is near the bottom of the car. This makes it less likely for the car to roll over during an accident. Rollovers are very dangerous and can cause serious injuries or even death.

Second, EVs don’t have a big, heavy engine in the front. In gasoline cars, the heavy engine can get pushed into the car during a head-on collision, which can hurt the people inside. But EVs have a small, light motor instead of a big engine. This means there’s less heavy metal that can get pushed into the car during a crash.

Instead of an engine, EVs have space for a “frunk” (front trunk) under the hood. This empty space acts like a cushion during a crash, absorbing some of the impact and protecting the people inside.

The government tests how safe different cars are in crashes. In their 51 years of testing, the Tesla Model 3 (an EV) was ranked as the safest car ever tested! It has the lowest chances of anyone getting hurt in a crash.

And it’s not just the Model 3. The second and third safest cars were also Teslas – the Model S and Model X. All Tesla and other brand electric cars on the roads are safe.

So, are EVs safe to drive? Yes! They are actually super safe, especially in crashes, thanks to their low center of gravity and lack of a heavy engine.