BYD Electric School Bus With V2G Technology

There is a Chinese company called BYD that makes EVs. They have made a new electric school bus. The BYD type a school bus has a lot of nice things. This bus is made especially for schools in the United States. BYD Electric school bus is developed With the help of V2G technology, BYD company has developed a new type of electric school bus. It has a battery and it runs on electricity. When BYD is not transporting Type A students, it has in-vehicle grid technology.

BYD had finally made their big debut on the market with a revolutionary new idea; combining design, performance and safety all in one. They managed to combine some amazing features such as vehicle-to-grid technology which would allow the bus to supply power back to a grid at night during off peak hours. With its comfortable seating capacity of 30 people – they were confident this latest product would be able to take their customers far away from anything they’ve ever seen before.

BYD Electric School Bus V2G Specifications:

Electric School Bus Cost$90,000 (Expected)
Passenger Space30 Passenger
ADA Lift Gate800 pounds
Range140 miles/charge
Size26.7 feet long, 24.5 feet wide
Steering Power16.5 inch
AC Charging19.2 kW
BYD Electric School Bus Specs

Design of BYD Electric Bus:

BYD North America President Steele Lee said BYD’s Type A electric school bus is designed to be available 24 hours a day to school districts, both as a transport vehicle and as a source of energy. Consumers can use the BYD zero-emission vehicle because it has a high level of safety features, an innovative design and a reliable engine. This makes it very practical and affordable for people to use.

Safety Features:

Standard safety features found in the BYD Type A include a powerful steel construction body, electronic stability control to aid handling, and an advanced electronic braking system for even distribution of brakes. The heart of this model is its lithium-iron phosphate battery; but BYD takes precautionary measures with predictive stop arms that detects approaching traffic while children are exiting the bus -notifying them when it’s safe to cross the street.


When it comes to school buses, there are many lengths you can choose from. BYD has the largest variety of lengths ranging from 26.7-, 24.5- and 22.9 ft. They provide comfortable seats for both driver and passengers so each individual feels safe when they are on board no matter what age they are. One other option is you can purchase an additional seat belt for children who do not fit in an integrated seat or if someone needs something more than just a harness.


Since the driver is the first line of defense, the BYD makes the driver’s cockpit comfortable and easy to move. This car has comfortable seats in the cabin, 16.5 inch power steering, telescopic steering column, good shape and easy access control. The driver can also change the air conditioning for passengers from the driver’s seat.

Lightning Technology:

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Charging Capacity:

BYD has two shipping options to suit your needs. DC charging system with high charging power and 150 kW efficiency. BYD also offers 19.2 kW AC charging. BYD’s battery electric vehicles can save up to 60% on fuel costs compared to diesel vehicles. Maintenance costs can be reduced by up to 60% by reducing moving parts and vibrations.