Changan CS15 EV400, the latest electric car launched

Changan CS15 EV400: A new EV from Changan has arrived, and it’s bound to impress! The new CS15 EV400 has an eye-catching, futuristic design that’s guaranteed to turn heads on the road. Check out some of the vehicle’s more innovative features below, and don’t forget to browse through the gallery below for even more pictures!

Changan CS15 EV400:

This car is very eye-catching with its unique double-color vehicle body. It also has excellent performance and strong braking, which can make you confident when driving in any situations. If you want to get a new car that doesn’t pollute the environment, then you should pay attention to it! This year Changan will launch many models for people who love sports and are interested in trendy cars. You can choose suitable one for yourself! You know, you will be like glamorous fashion trend if you drive such stylish car on streets.

Specifications Of Changan CS15 EV400:

The running performance of our car is excellent, which can run 60km on each charge, and is suitable for both driving to work or taking leisure trips. It is absolutely a new revolution of urban cars. Innovative aesthetics design will be eye-catching in city streets and it can also effectively protect passengers from different levels of radiation in environment, making sure people are fully relaxed when using it. The most important thing of all is that our car takes into account many ergonomic requirements for human body and does not need any airbag to protect from unexpected collision or roll over; meanwhile, cup holders are provided beside every seat to make you feel comfortable during your journey with us.

Maximum output(KW)55
MEDC mileage (km)-Range351
Length4100 mm
Width1740 mm
Height1630 mm
Wheelbase2510 mm
Changan CS15 EV400

First Look At The Car:

Changan CS15 EV400
Changan CS15 EV400

The first thing that strikes you about any vehicle, is it’s looks. From far away, if your glance falls on it, it’s visual appeal will be obvious. And with vehicles in China, especially those made by Chinese car manufacturers who are fast gaining popularity and making their presence felt all over – from Africa to Australia – there is no doubt that people do take a double or even triple look when one of these beauties rolls down the road… and for good reason. They are stunning! The Changan CS15 EV400 especially so because of its classic good looks and head-turning coolness factor.

Safety Features:

The latest CS15 is equipped with two sets of wheels. The main front and rear tires are car tires, which can effectively absorb bumps; while another four small tires (two in front and two in back) are motorcycle-type pneumatic shock absorbers that can absorb vertical impact when braking, turning or accelerating. It’s safe to drive in both heavy traffic conditions and on unpaved roads.

Intelligent Infotainment System:

The CS15’s infotainment system is powered by Android 8.1, along with Google Play Store and Goggle Assistant support, You can enjoy voice-activated commands or touch-screen access to music, navigation and more. The on-board WiFi hotspot allows up to ten devices to share internet connectivity while you drive. Standard features include: integrated Navigation System ,air conditioner,MP3/WMA compatible CD Player ,Satellite Radio (SiriusXM) ,AM/FM Stereo Radio, Fully digital 5 color LCD screen .You may also want to choose optional accessories such as rear view camera ,GPS navigation system etc.

Intelligent Car Applications:

Over time, intelligent functions have been applied to cars. Many of these features are available on luxury vehicles only, but affordable models now come with such convenient apps as internet radio and online entertainment services. If you’re willing to pay for them (and some of their add-ons), today’s smartphones can also be used in place of keyless ignition systems, satellite navigation units and other features that were once found only on high-end autos. As you consider your next car purchase, ask yourself if you really need every feature or do you just want to set yourself apart from others? The answer is especially important because many new luxury options will likely become standard equipment in short order.


Changan CS15 EV400
Changan CS15 EV400

The steering column is equipped with power-adjustable and telescopic feature, which can be adjusted according to driver’s height. In addition, it features an electronic control system, which will provide easier steering when driving on a complicated road. Meanwhile, due to its reliable security performance and good operability, steering wheel integrates multi functional switches like cruise control switch and fog lights switch. Seat: The seats are specially designed according to human body characteristics that can effectively reduce fatigue while travelling along long distances. In order to give passengers more convenience during their journey, seat has been designed with folding function that can be folded up or down according to passengers’ needs.