ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Car Charger Review

I tested out the ChargePoint Home Flex electric vehicle charger. This charger promises to charge your electric car fast, gives you control through a smartphone app, and has a nice design. Here is what I found after testing it.

Looks and Design:

The Home Flex looks modern and takes up little space. It is made to be used indoors or outside. The materials seem rain-proof. Overall, the look is clean and simple which I liked.

Charging Power:

The Home Flex charges faster than a regular wall socket. Its speed can charge about 30 miles of range per hour depending on your car. This was fast enough to suit my needs between drives without wasting time.

Smart Features:

The Home Flex connects to your home WiFi. This lets you use the ChargePoint app to control charging. You can set schedules to take advantage of cheaper electricity rates. The app also shows energy usage data and notifications. I liked the convenience of controlling and monitoring charging from my phone.


You have two options for installing – plugging into an existing 240V outlet or hardwiring to your electric panel. I simply plugged it into my garage outlet. But hiring an electrician ensures proper and safe hardwired setup.

Main Pros:

  • Fast charging speed
  • Easy control from smartphone app
  • Flexible hardwired or plug-in installation
  • Modern, durable design

Main Cons:

  • On the more expensive side
  • No connector lock for outdoor use
  • Some WiFi connection issues

Who It Is For:

The Home Flex is likely best for EV owners who want advanced features, fast charging speed, and a sleek look. It costs more than basic models but offers greater capability and convenience.