Introducing Ford’s Seven All Electric Models in Europe

Ford’s seven All Electric Models: Ford Motor Company has always been a leading manufacturer of gas-powered vehicles and trucks. Now, however, they are taking steps towards making larger waves within the electric market. Their goal? To set up manufacturing locations for cars and trucks as well as additional battery production to prepare for their large sales boom.

By 2024, Ford will be releasing nine hybrid or all-electric models in the European market alone; ambitiously challenging other car manufacturers such as Toyota who only plans to release three such models by 2022. Though this is likely a gamble for Ford, it makes sense considering China currently leads the way with 21% of all-electric vehicle manufacturing within its borders.

Ford’s seven all electric models:

Ford has been making waves in the industry with recent changes to its business operations. With the release of their new initiatives, which include an all-electric unit called Ford Model e and a combustion engine division known as Ford Blue, they hope to continue building awareness and credibility among consumers who are looking for low-emission options when buying cars.

Two of the newer EV models will be produced at VW’s factory located in Cologne – using VW’s electric vehicle platform. This partnership was established through a previous agreement between two companies that allows them to work together in order to save costs and reach greater production capacity for these types of environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Ford reiterates that it has reached its goal of 6% revenue from European operations by 2023 – led primarily by the success of its vans. We’re building on this, Rowley exclaims. Additionally, Ford announced an agreement to build a commercial vehicle battery plant with Turkish partners; Koc Holding AS, Turkey’s largest conglomerate, signed an initial accord to be part of the joint venture between Ford and South Korea’s SK Innovation Co., to make 30-45 gigawatt-hours of batteries. The new battery factory will be built near Ankara, starting production in 2020 pending negotiation between all three parties.