MG5 EV Excite Long Range With Excited New Features

MG5 EV Excite Long Range has a huge space, as well as a 250-mile electric range. The MG5 Electric Long Range has a 578-litre boot space that extends up to the roof. The volume is increased to 1,456 litres when the rear seats folded and the roof full. The interior is spacious enough to accommodate five people.

A single charge in the WLTP mixed cycle gives this result: Range is 250 miles (403 km) (Combined Driving Efficiency: 3.6 miles per kWh (17.5 kWh/100 km) (7.5 kWh per 100 km) Range 334 miles (539 km).

  • Pedestrian and bicycle detection are included in the active emergency braking system.
  • Lane Keep Assist (LKA) with Lane Departure Warning System is a safety feature that helps drivers maintain their lane (LDWS)
  • Assist with Traffic Jams
  • Adaptive Speed Limit Assist with Intelligent Speed Limiting
  • High Beam Assist with Intelligent Technology
  • Starting price £27,945
  • 250 miles WLTP range
  • 61 min 80% charge
  • Zero tailpipe emissions

MG5 EV Excite Long Range Electric Motors:

The MG5 EV Long Range’s spacious cabin is powered by an energy-efficient electric motor. The motor’s maximum output is 156 hp and maximum torque is 192 lb-ft.

Range while Driving Style:

  • Slow-moving traffic is my driving style. Range is estimated to be 344 miles.
  • 334 miles of towns and cities
  • Rural roads total 279 miles in length.
  • There are 190 miles of motorways.
  • On a piece of road 250 kilometers long

MG 5 EV Excite Pilot Driver Assist Technology:

  • The sophisticated Driver Assist technology in the MG Pilot Driver Assist Package guarantees that you have a safe, relaxed, and enjoyable driving experience.
  • Cruise control that adapts to the situation
  • Automatically accelerate and decelerate in response to oncoming traffic
  • Keeping you safe while you are driving
  • Collision warning, automated braking, and lane keep assist are all standard features.

Exterior with a lot of elements and a modern design:

mg5 ev excite long

The MG’s improvements to its design are significant. The changes include a brand new front bumper, headlights and a new taillight as well as a brand rear bumper that is a new design, new alloy wheels, a new chrome tailgate trim, as well as a the new taillight design.

The MG5 E-V Long Range’s exterior is equipped with electronically adjustable door mirrors as well as alloy wheels that measure 16 inches. Then, the finest quality paint shade you prefer is used to finish the appearance.

Interior with a luxurious feel and a modern style:


The story is identical both inside and outside. Its MG dashboard is completely renovated, including a new information system in the center of the. Center consoles have been revamped with a brand new gear selector and an under-the-hood storage tray and the controls for the climate are now on the center screen.

The interior’s modern, clean design is similar to the exterior’s. With features such as adaptive cruise control as well as electric parking brake that has rain-sensing wipers and auto-hold The design is designed to provide safety and comfort while driving. The elegant leather interior along with heated and heated front seat improve the experience of driving.

MG5 EV Excite Long Range Colors:

  • Arctic White
  • Piccadilly Blue
  • Black Pearl
  • Dynamic Red