Mini Cooper Se Review Of Specs, Range, and Price

Mini Cooper Se Review impressive electric engine, which will make you fall in love with this model even more. If you want to get your hands on one of these stylish cars, keep reading this review to learn everything about this new addition to Mini cooper Se the Mini family.

Mini Cooper Se Review Details

The Mini Cooper SE is a great little electric car. With a range of up to 125 miles, you can drive around in style and comfort without sacrificing power. The small compact design means it’s still fun to drive and won’t take up much space. It may not be as fast as some other electric cars, but with a top speed of 89 mph, you’ll still get from point A to B comfortably and enjoy every minute of it. You don’t have to compromise on power or design if you want an environmentally friendly vehicle that also performs well.

The Pros

The Mini Cooper Se Electric is a fantastic car and is overall easy to maintain. It has plenty of room, although it may not be suitable for larger adults who need more legroom in their cars. The MINI is also a very beautiful car, with all of its features very well integrated into its design. The automatic headlights that turn on when you start driving are a great safety feature.

If you’re trying to drive at night, having these automatic lights can really make a difference in terms of your vision and safety on the road. Also, some people might prefer buying a new model over an older one—but if you think about it from a financial perspective, buying used could actually be cheaper than paying for all-new parts and technology every time you buy a new car!

The Cons

Although performance is good, it’s not as fun to drive as some other electric cars; there are far more powerful vehicles in their price range. The interior feels cheap compared to other Mini models and isn’t laid out well for tall drivers. But overall, it’s an impressive vehicle with a lot of styles and a surprising amount of cargo space. With an electric range of over 100 miles per charge, you can take road trips or head out on errands without worrying about charging. This MINI has definitely made us believers in electric cars!

The Verdict

The mini cooper SE electric is a great car. It is fun to drive, it handles well, and has good acceleration. It rides smoothly and turns on a dime. The Mini comes equipped with some nice touches that you don’t get in your typical EV such as fog lights, parking sensors, and rain-sensing wipers. I love that it has 2 charging ports so I can easily charge at home or use one of many public charging stations available here in Alberta Canada. The only real downside is due to its small size. If you have over 6 feet of height and are over 200 pounds you may find yourself feeling tight in there especially if you are 6 feet tall and weigh 250 pounds! If MINI could just give us more space inside we would be golden!


Mini Cooper Se electric is equipped with a 110 volts front charger, and charging times range from 8 to 16 hours depending on the car model. The Mini Coopers S electric comes with a small push button in between two seats, allowing you to start your engine up and drive it off using just that little push button. The seating for two passengers also has three individual buttons to control seat adjustments and temperature. With its sleek modern look, large sunroof, and tiny cup holders built into both seats, Mini Cooper S electric might be perfect for city life but not so much for long family trips.


The new Mini has a mobile app that allows you to monitor how much juice is left in your battery. Though most electric vehicles don’t have quick-charge technology, owners can still drive for at least 100 miles after a 10-minute charge. That gives it an advantage over competitors like Chevy’s Bolt and Tesla’s Model 3 because of its lower price point and more conventional styling. The electric version of MINI was $34,000, just $3000 more than a regular Cooper S Hardtop with six-speed manual transmission. The car we tested had options that brought it to $39,200. This includes the Performance Package ($1400), which bumps up acceleration from zero to 60 mph to just 5.6 seconds.

Battery review

The BMW i3 offers a full-size car’s worth of interior space (with comparable cargo capacity, as well) in a package about as large as a Honda Civic. This makes it ideal for bigger families and people who need extra hauling capacity, but don’t want to deal with a compact SUV or minivan. The all-electric Mini is similarly sprightly to drive, with its instant torque able to get you moving and up to speed quickly—especially once you get above 30 mph. There are also plenty of techs onboard, including BMW’s new touchpad controller and remote smartphone app. You’ll even find that many other automakers have adopted BMW’s rearview camera layout because it works so well.

Price rate

$92,000.00 (USD) includes shipping. The Mini is unique with respect to electric cars in a number of ways: It’s relatively small, it’s stylish and fast and fun, it has a decent-sized trunk/storage area, it gets great gas mileage–as much as 65 mpg on the highway–and finally it’s affordable (about $32k for an electric). In fact, if you buy your car from Mini itself and use your U.S. tax rebate of up to $7k for buying an EV (which is available through some states), you can buy one for under $25k after rebates!


Looking for a new car? If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, save some money and enjoy some of today’s newest features all at once, an electric vehicle is for you. The Mini Cooper SE with an electrical powertrain is a solid choice for those who want to take that next step towards using clean energy.

While it won’t be able to travel as far on one charge as some other models out there, its three driving modes mean you have complete control over how much energy you use every day—all while enjoying full access to all standard amenities including USB ports and advanced cruise control. This tiny car packs quite a punch in more ways than one; visit our dealerships to learn more!