Review of the Rivian R1S Specs, Range, and Price

Rivian R1S Specs: How would you like to see an all-electric R1S in your driveway? If you’re already drooling over the thought, you’re in luck because Rivian has officially announced its new electric car. In fact, out of all the automakers jumping on the battery-powered bandwagon, Rivian seems to have the most promise because it’s got an experienced team (with ex-Tesla employees sprinkled throughout), a $700 million investment from SoftBank and two production facilities under construction at the same time so that it can begin cranking out cars as soon as it’s ready in 2022.

What We Know About Rivian R1S Specs:

Rivian is co-founded by a former vice president at General Motors, and its electric R1T pickup truck rivals anything you can buy from Tesla. The vehicle is expected to cost $50,000 when it debuts in 2020 and be capable of traveling up to 400 miles on a single charge. That price may seem steep for an EV, but Rivian will offer numerous configurations. The base model will seat two people and offer 200 miles of range. Buyers who need extra space can opt for a three-row configuration with seating for seven (300 miles) or go all out and get 10 seats (400 miles). Those figures should help Rivian capture more than just EV enthusiasts.

Price and availability:

The Rivian R1S is expected to be available in 2020, though it’s unclear when and for how much. Still, as CEO RJ Scaringe said: We think we can build a better electric car at a lower price point than anybody. Priced around $65,000 before incentives, an R1S should cost roughly half what Tesla’s Model X crossover costs. To put things into perspective, that works out to about $40,000 after federal tax rebates—which are likely given Rivian aims at a similarly affluent clientele as Musk’s company. For comparison: You could buy four Bolt EVs for what you’d pay for just one R1S.

Performance and range:

0-60 mph3 secs
Towing capacityUp to 7,700 lbs
Wading depthWading depth
Rivian R1S Capability

With no exact release date in sight, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how far and fast Rivian’s R1S will go. However, based on how far it traveled during its cross-country road trip — EPA estimated 316 miles of range when paired with 21″ wheels. — we can assume these electric SUVs are more than capable of traveling hundreds of miles on a single charge. As for speed? Well, at least one early test drive shows off an impressive 0–60 mph (97 km/h) time of 2.8 seconds. That makes it not only faster than a Porsche 911 but also quicker than many traditional cars in its class. If true, Rivian is well on its way to putting its competitors on notice.

Drive Modes:

The R1S has 8 buttons that help make the car go faster and stop. One button is called R1S and another button is called Off-Road. If you want to drive on roads without bumps, then press the R1S button and if you want to go through dirt with bumps, then press the Off-Road button!


Rivian vehicles have special structures that make them safe. The platforms are lower to the ground so they don’t tip over easily. And there’s even more safety features inside the car!


When you are driving in your car, there are many different parts that make the car work. The Rivian platform is what holds all these parts together and makes the car go forward when you press on the gas pedal.


Rivian vehicles are made so they can be used for a long time. We offer warranties that last five years or sixty thousand miles. Our battery pack and drivetrain will work for eight years or one hundred seventy-five thousand miles, which ever happens first. Rivian also offers an 8-year warranty against rusting which covers unlimited mileage.

Rivian R1S Mobile App:

You have an app that helps you go places with ease! It can tell where you are so it knows what is around you. If there is somewhere cool nearby, it will show that to you! You can also use this app to charge your car so that when you are done driving, your car is ready for another adventure!

What Will Make The R1S Successful:

One Rivian Sells For $69,000. What Makes It So Pricey? People have been asking about price for a while, but now we have an answer: The R1S starts at $69,000. While it’s not as affordable as some of its competitors like Chevy’s Bolt EV or Nissan’s Leaf EV, it does make good on Rivian’s promise of delivering a vehicle that can outperform and outlast its competition in any weather conditions.

Design Of Rivian R1S:

Rivian R1S Specs
Rivian R1S Interior Design

The R1S will be an all-electric SUV with a sporty, family-hauling look. If you’re familiar with Tesla’s designs, then you’ll immediately notice how similar it is to Musk’s beloved electric car company. In fact, Musk made his earliest investments in Rivian because he liked its initial design so much. Just take a look at these renderings.

Interior Of Rivian R1S:

Rivian R1S Specs
Rivian R1S Specs

Looking for a substitute for your gas guzzler? Give Rivian a chance. We had an opportunity to take an extended test drive in its newest electric vehicle (EV), The R1S, and it was impressive. The R1S is a four-door, seven seat SUV and it looks great on both ends, with wide grille spanning across its face like a shark. It’s big enough to be comfortable but not so big that you wouldn’t feel safe driving around town or taking it on long road trips—our test drive was from NYC to DC and we didn’t experience any range anxiety issues. It also comes with super cool features like Google Earth integration, which is just one example of how well thought out its design is.

Why Should You Care About This Car?

Rivian is a young, ambitious automaker with an exciting history. Founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Robert RJ Scaringe and backed by investors like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and former Microsoft chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold, Rivian’s main focus is battery-powered vehicles. Earlier this year, it launched preorders for its first all-electric SUV, called R1T; now there are details about a possible future model: The R1S EV.

How To Stay Up To Date On Rivian News:

Rivian, Inc. was founded in 2009 and is based in Plymouth, MI. Although it is still too early to speculate when Rivian will be able to deliver its first products, we expect production of R1S pickup trucks and R1T SUVs by 2022. If you are interested in following Rivian on a regular basis, read our news page. This way you’ll be notified as soon as we publish an update about Rivian or if there is any interesting news regarding one of its competitors or suppliers. We recommend following Elon Musk (Founder & CEO) and Rich Heley (Chief Financial Officer) on Twitter: @elonmusk @richheley .

Where To Buy (If That’s Important To You):

Rivian doesn’t have an exact production date, but it’s aiming for 2020 and targeting a starting price of about $50,000. That sounds like a lot compared with rivals like Volkswagen, which is planning its first fully electric vehicle for $25,000 in 2022. But considering Rivian vehicles are going to be more powerful than most EVs on offer, buyers might find them more competitively priced. The smallest model will boast 400 horsepower from two motors—more than enough power for daily commutes in stop-and-go traffic and handling highway speeds with ease. Buyers looking for something larger can opt for either a two-seater or three-seat wagon variant.