SONY Vision S Specs for the Future of Mobility

SONY Vision S: Your commute to work could be quite different in the not-so-distant future, if Sony has anything to say about it. The electronics giant recently unveiled its new VISION-S concept car, which can attain speeds of up to 100 miles per hour and offers its passengers stunning views of the road ahead. Plus, VISION-S features numerous advanced systems that improve safety and driver enjoyment. This revolutionary vehicle may just change the way you think about driving in the future.

The future SONY Vision S:

Mobility will be defined by four key factors: design, safety, experience and connectivity. SONY will produce a transportation device that combines all these elements into a beautiful package.

Future Sports Car That Doesn’t Limit You:

Sony vision s
Sony vision s Interior

Sony VISION-S car design is an embodiment provide a superior quality space. The coupe’s form has been created to give sports car fans a future sports car that can be driven at high speeds on a winding road, while ensuring every occupant enjoys superior comfort and stability. Even when reaching high speeds, it is possible to maintain smooth control as well as keep check on safety systems such as lane departure warning and collision alert even when driving conditions become more severe. As vision-s moves forward into and beyond tomorrow, continue striving to realize new ways of entertaining and being entertained.


Wheelbase4.7in – 5.3in
GC4.7in – 5.3in
Tire size245 / 40R21 [Front] 275 / 35R21 [Rear]
Acceleration4.8s 0-62mph
DriveAll Wheel
SONY Vision S specs

SONY VISION S concept car is a vehicle with human-centered design that allows you to effortlessly enjoy driving. It is an expression of our aim to become a global company that makes people’s lives better, easier and more enriched. As we progress toward becoming an entertainment company, cars will be our next big step. Through self-driving technology, cars have historically been mere means to an end—passengers used them to get from point A to point B. But in future society where mobility becomes a major part of life, car manufacturing must change to satisfy mobility needs and enhance lifestyles; it must move away from making mere machines and instead pursue creating products integrated with dreams and excitement.

Safety Features:

Sony has a new idea they call Safety Cocoon. They feel this would enhance safety and security – what will be crucial to leading the way in autonomous vehicles. Along with sensing technology that is beyond what humans can see, you’ll be able to check out what’s happening outside of your car or van no matter where you are. There are monitors that make sure the driver and anyone else who may be inside are all right too. Plus, there’s instant feedback so you’ll always know where everything is – even if you can’t see it from your vantage point.


As you’re driving, the car is always keeping an eye on you. This way you’ll never have to worry about how it’s going; the sensors will do that for you. Along with reducing driver stress, this system will make your car run cleaner too.

Driver Assistance:

Sony Vision S technology will indicate about running out of gas or getting lost. All this and a lot more too – with Level 4 driving in just around the corner! Enables you to follow at a safe distance of one car length. Allows you to keep the ‘new’ lane in a construction zone and recognize when it becomes operational again. You will be able to safely overtake backwards vehicles if there are no other cars oncoming or blocking your way ahead of them (under complicated situations). Automated parking with spot scanning all available spots within the vicinity of your current location.


In the near future, cars will turn into mobile living rooms where you can watch your favorite show or movie or listen to songs from your childhood. There is a system that automatically adjusts for optimal comfort for each occupant in every situation. Inside you’ll find speakers with realistic 3D sound effects and high-quality images from outside the vehicle projected onto screens that give you complete control over what you see during long trips. With these additions – along with many others – you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and experience the journey.