Specifications and Review of the Smart Fortwo and Forfour

Smart Fortwo and Forfour Smart EQ can be described as the one and only electrical cars on the market that aren’t similar to one another. The Smart Fortwo can travel up to 81 miles and can be fully charged up for 40 mins at maximum. If you purchase batteries that is compatible with Smart Fortwo Smart Fortwo, you can make use of up to eight years. The maximum power can be reached at the 61 KW.

Smart Fortwo and Forfour Salient Features:

By using the EQ Control App, you can enhance your device’s capabilities by making it intelligent. Apple Watch, Android, and iOS devices are all supported. You’ll be able to accomplish the following with the intelligent EQ Control Application:

Determine how much distance you’ve got from the distance. Charge your device before time to ensure that you’re ready to go whenever you’re required to. To ensure that your smart device is always in the loop, you could set up the pre-entry temperature control and the departure time. With a charger point finder can allow you to recharge your mobile phone traveling. Advice on eco-friendly driving to ensure you get the most from your car

Easy steps to a hassle-free charging experience:

A new smart EQ for two or four at this price is never cheaper. There are two choices: either an unrestricted home charger from bp that’s worth PS525* or for those who prefer a wall box isn’t for you, get a two-year subscription for the Bp Pulse charging network valued at PS148.

Charging Smart Fortwo and Forfour with Home charger:

3 times more efficient than an three times faster than a. Durable and waterproof, it is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. The design is geared towards those with an address at home and have access to parking off-street. If you are a qualified consumer the credit in the amount of PS350 through OZEV’s OZEV Electric Vehicle Home Charge Program (EVHS) is offered. The guarantee for the product is valid for a period of 3 years. Track your expenses using the app offered by the chosen service provider and is available via both App Store as well as Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Charge with Your bp pulse network card:

With a bp pulse network card, you’ll have access to the greatest public charging infrastructure in the United Kingdom, which includes over 7,000 charge stations.

The Outside (Exterior)of Smart Fortwo and Forfour:

EQ Smart has 16-inch alloy wheels with a 5-spoke design. They are black with a high-sheen look. Inside, there are 85-inch doors in the rear (forfour just). H4 halogen headlights that have built-in LEDs for daytime traffic lights (only in the cabin). Draught stop. Roof with panoramic view with solar blind (save the Cabrio models). Cabrio versions). The summer tyres are suggested.

Inside (Interior):

smart fortwo and forfour
smart fortwo and forfour
  • Leather 3-spoke multifunction sports steering wheel
  • Front armrest
  • Brushed stainless steel sports pedals with rubber studs
  • Leather-wrapped 3-spoke multifunction sports steering wheel
  • Comfort option, which includes a height-adjustable steering wheel and motorized mirrors, is available. Adaptable height driver’s seat
  • Retainer belt on passenger seat
  • Storage net on center console and armrests winter package — a pre-entry temperature control feature that may be programmed either through the on-board computer or with the smart EQ control app

In addition to heating the seats for the front passenger and driver The clever EQ forfour features seat heating for rear passengers too. The interior insulation has been improved on the door panels and the walls of the cockpit. A heated steering wheel that has multiple features. Air recirculation is a feature that has been improved for a more energy-efficient temperature control system

Features for convenience and functionality:

  • Instrument cluster with 3.5″ display “TFT color display and on-board computer
  • TFT color display and on-board computer Camera in the rearview mirror
  • Clever Connect Media-System 8.8″ High-Definition “Bluetooth streaming of audio to playback music (which is compatible with Android AutoTM and Apple CarPlay3), DAB radio, UX/USB interface, touchscreen display pair of mid-range speakers on both of the doors in front, a pair of speakers in the lower mid-range in the back door (available just on the Smart Forfour)
Safety and Driver assistance systems:
  • ABS – anti-lock braking system with electronic brake-force distribution
  • Active Brake Assist, Crosswind Assist, and Hill Start Assist
  • Traction control system with electronic brake-force distribution
  • Traction control system with electronic brake-force distribution ESP is an abbreviation for Electronic Stability Program.
Model Prices:
  • fortwo price £20,725
  • £23,145 fortwo-cabrio
  • £20,795-forfour
Electric motor (60 kW/82 hp)
22 kW on-board charger
High-voltage battery (17.6 kWh)
fortwo coupé£21,870.00
fortwo cabrio£24,290.00
Electric motor (60 kW/82 hp)
22 kW on-board charger
High-voltage battery (17.6 kWh)
fortwo coupé£23,020.00
fortwo cabrio£25,440.00
The prices of Smart EQ fortwo and forfour
Offer Winter Package:
  • Heated multifunction steering wheel
  • Seat heating for the driver and front passenger, with clever EQ forfour additionally including seat heating for the rear passengers
  • Pre-entry climate control, which can be programmed through the on-board computer or the smart EQ Control App
  • Improved interior insulation on the door paneling and cockpit
  • Energy-efficient climate control system with increased air recirculation function