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SUNRA ROBO-S Electric Scooter Features: A Road Test

SUNRA ROBO-S Electric Scooter Features and Road Test. A Review of the SUNRA Robo-S Electric Scooter Sometimes, riding a scooter around town is easier than walking or driving. The features of the SUNRA Robo-S Electric Scooter make getting around faster and safer. This page shows you how to use the best parts of this scooter. Read on to find out more.

In this SUNRA ROBO-S ELECTRIC SCOOTER FEATURES AND ROAD TEST, I share my experience of testing out this scooter to see if it lives up to its hype and my expectations. Here’s what I found…

We all knew about the electric moped when we were kids. If you tired, you can lighten the load and rest, and the engine will keep going.

Cars that combine exercise with luxury travel are becoming more and more popular. Everyone has a bicycle, gyro scooter, or scooter. A child is sometimes taken to kindergarten or the grocery store on a scooter by an adult. It’s easy to get around on a scooter, and if it’s “electric,” it’s even easier.

SUNRA ROBO-S Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are cheap because they don’t need gas; all they need is a charged battery. In the model catalog, you can change the price, power, appearance, and size. Xiaomi makes electric mopeds for kids.

SUNRA ROBO-S Electric Scooter Features

Sunra Robo-S Pricing Policy:

France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and England all sell Sunra Robo-S. Even though electric scooters and bikes aren’t very popular in the west, this company makes 4 million of them every year.

The price of the Sunra Robo is £2,399.00. It has a 72-watt lithium battery that powers a 3-watt engine for 40 miles or 65 kilometres at 45 km/h.

The Sunra Robo-S, which weighs 3,199 pounds, has two 72W batteries. Their work makes it possible to go 135 kilometres and 80 kilometres per hour.

Sunra Robo-S and Sunra Robo don’t need a battery. Other parts of the scooter are the same. Each one has a disc brake, a trunk under the driver’s seat, a similar dashboard, and 110/70 12″ tyres. Two units have a 36-month battery life and a two-year warranty that covers unlimited miles.

Sunra Robo-S Design:

Compared to other brands, Sunra’s Robo-S and Robo are designed in a modern way. The front lamp makes a straight line on the steering wheel, and the look is decorated with LEDs, which show how rigid the model is.

This vehicle has two handles with five spokes, 12-inch wheels, and tubeless 110/70 tyres.

Both sides have hidden footrests for the comfort of the back seat passenger, and the left side has a gadget stand. Each model has a solid, easy-to-use base for the holidays.

Pay attention to the scooter’s upper parts, especially the driver’s seat and back passenger’s height, which are not standard. The backrest comes off.

The front of the car has an electronic display that shows the battery charge, the speedometer, the mileage, the mode, and the transmission.

Under the screen is a fingerprint sensor that lets you control the electric scooter with your finger. If you hold your finger down longer, the middle seat’s bag container will break off. For the app’s fingerprint feature to work, the scooter’s owner must sign up and log in. You can use the keychain instead of this function if you don’t need it.

The app lets the user lock the electric scooter, turn on the motor, unlock the seat, and turn off the loud signal sounds. Change the sensitivity of the key fob to start the car without the key.

The key fob has buttons that lock, unlock, and turn the scooter on and off.

To get to the keys, take the keychain off. Since the keys and the key fob don’t built into one piece. You have to release the key each time you want to lock the steering on the electric scooter. This security can’t turn on without the key.

Sunra Robo-S Productivity:

Normal tyre pressure makes driving comfortable. When the wheel pressure is too high, the road bounces solidly.

When going fast, you don’t notice how stiff the undercarriage is. Robo-S moves faster, which makes it harder to control.

Speed is affected by the lack of aerodynamics, especially for tall people. When there are strong winds, the rider rocks. Sunra has fast-stopping disc brakes on both the front and back.

The seat of the scooter has a charging port. It takes four hours to charge two batteries at once. The home battery takes longer to charge because the external unit only has one outlet.

To keep your scooter safe, put a charging plug in your garage. If you charge it on the street, it could be stolen.

Turning the key to the left opens the battery compartment. Which held shut by a spring. In this case, you have to take the batteries out of stiff wiring harnesses and put them back in.

Electric Sunra Robo-S convinces commuters:

The 125cc electric scooter Robo S from Sunra just came out in the UK. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s because they’re new to the UK. However, they’ve been making electric cars in China since 1999 and make 4 million a year.

The Robo and Robo S scooters and the Miku Super and Miku Max naked bikes, which use the same parts as the scooters, are part of the UK line.

ROBO-S Road Ride:

SUNRA ROBO-S Electric Scooter

The Robo S is powered by a rear-wheel motor with 3kW (4bhp), so it only needs its tyres and brakes checked.

The motor on the Robo S can go 50 miles per hour and 84 miles. There are three riding modes that slow down the top speed to increase the range. If you get stuck, you can also go backwards. How do you ride the Sunra? Amazing.

Robo S has just enough power to cut up careless drivers in a crowded city. If you use to riding bikes with a lot of power, leave the S in power mode 3, which cuts the range.

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