The New EQS Mercedes Models With Complete Specs

New EQS Mercedes Models comes with 7 engine variants. Talking about the design of new EQS Mercedes car has a dynamically flowing coupé line that characterizes the profile, as well as tail lights in the shape of a curved 3D helix.
• Flush door knobs add an air of understated elegance.
• First-class rear suite luxury in a luxurious setting
• Luxurious materials and cutting-edge trim pieces are used.

New EQS Mercedes Models With Price:

Model NamePrice
EQS 450+ AMG Line£99,995
EQS 450+ AMG Line Premium£106,995
EQS 450+ Luxury£106,995
EQS 450+ AMG Line Premium Plus£113,995
EQS 450+ Exclusive Luxury£113,995
Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 Night Edition£154,995
Price table of Mercedes New EQS Models 2022

New EQS Models Range:

• An all-electric range of up to 453 miles is possible (WLTP).
• Power outputs of up to 333 horsepower (245 kW)
• Rapid charging stations may provide an output charge in about 31 minutes or less.

Model Name
EQS 450+ AMG Line245 kW (333 HP)730 km
EQS 450+ AMG Line Premium 245 kW (333 HP) 712 km
EQS 450+ Luxury  245 kW (333 HP) 661 km
EQS 450+ AMG Line Premium Plus  245 kW (333 HP)710 km
EQS 450+ Exclusive Luxury  245 kW (333 HP) 660 km
Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 Night Edition  245 kW (333 HP) 572 km
Range of Mercedes New EQS Models 2022

Outlook of New EQS Model:

Automotive luxury at its finest: the electric drive system permits the development of a completely new space concept in the automobile industry. This vehicle has a single bow spanning the entire body, making it more flexible, airy, and yet stunningly attractive. Additionally, the Mercedes-EQ Black Panel radiator grille at the front, as well as the light bands at the front and back, emanate a sophisticated sense of contemporary sophistication.

Interior Look of New EQS:
New EQS Mercedes Models

It has the nicest sense of spaciousness I’ve ever experienced anywhere on the planet of EV Market. The inside of the new EQS has been re-imagined and aesthetically completed to the highest standards. In addition, you will be inspired and amazed. Allow yourself to be shocked – anticipation has rarely been this enthralling and intuitive at the same time in human history.

New EQS Features:

Mercedes me is a collection of cutting-edge online services that are designed to enhance your Mercedes-Benz driving pleasure. Mercedes me, which is accessible by mobile, tablet, or PC, allows you to benefit from the finest levels of care and assistance in a way that fits neatly into your busy schedule.

Check the washer fluid level in your car, the tyre pressure in your tires, and the battery level in your car using your smartphone so that you are prepared for every excursion.

Mobile charging allows you to check your charge status while on the road and setup your pre-entry temperature control and charging settings from anywhere. The navigation system designed specifically for Mercedes-EQ takes into account electrical range, geography, and recharge stations

Have you forgotten to lock your car? Remote Car Lock2 will send you an alert to your smartphone to notify you that your car has been locked. You can lock and unlock your car with a single tap, ensuring that you never have to be concerned.

Mercedes me connect provides online and entertainment services. Do you enjoy music? When you link your car, you’ll receive a 3-month complimentary membership to Tidal.

With Mercedes me connect, you can find your parked vehicle and much more. Have you forgotten where you parked? If you’re within a 1-mile radius of where you parked, you may use the Parked Vehicle Locator1 to find out exactly where your automobile has been parked. Real-time traffic information, as well as a dynamic route that reduces travel time.