Volkswagen to Bring Affordable EV to US Market Within 4 Years

Volkswagen has announced plans to introduce an electric vehicle (EV) to the US market that will be priced under $35,000 within the next three to four years. This move is a significant step forward for the company, as it signals its commitment to making EVs more affordable and accessible to a wider range of consumers.

The new EV is expected to be built in either the United States or Mexico and will be part of Volkswagen’s ID. electric vehicle family. The company is investing heavily in North America to support its EV production plans, and aims to have 25% of its global sales come from EVs by 2025.

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This news is sure to be welcomed by consumers who are looking for an affordable EV option. The sub-$35,000 price point will make it more accessible to a wider range of buyers, and could help to drive up EV adoption rates in the US.