What is New in Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV electric SUV

Skoda Enyaq Coupe IV: Unparalleled aerodynamics. This coupe is the benchmark for performance and refinement and increases the value of the KODA ENEYAQ iV. This is due in part to the modified body shape, which blends with the tailgate and results a stronger split edge when you descend backwards from B-pillar.

Coda branding is located below the trim edge and is a distinctive feature of the back design. The car’s immense size is also highlighted by the thick teardrop-shaped rim. The ENYAQ COUPE IV’s front grille features Koda’s trademark wide grille. The vehicle’s width is increased by the flat, sharply cut headlights. The ENYAQ Coupe IV’s crystal front illuminates the Coda Grill with 131 LEDs. You can order an alternative model with full LED matrix lights, but they are not available in the standard model.

Battery Power:

There are two types of batteries available and you can choose between rear- or all-wheel-drive. With its large battery, the ENYAQ Coupe IV can travel more than 535km on a single charge. The standard high-speed refueling technology ensures that your car is refueled quickly.


Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV
Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV image: Skoda official

The ENYAQ COUPE IV is a great choice for families who want to travel together. It has a large cabin that can seat 5 people and a large luggage area (570 liters). The cabin’s central touchscreen can be adjusted up to 13 inches.

Interior & Space:

The expected power output is between 132 and 220 kW depending on whether the vehicle has an all-wheel drive or electric motor output. The interior will be made from eco-friendly materials and will have a coupe design that will make it easier to operate a standard SUV. There is 570 liters of luggage capacity.

Range, Battery & Charging:

The Enyaq Coupe iV’s interior is made on the same MEB chassis that Skoda’s first electric SUV, and Volkswagen compact. The model is rear-wheel driven and runs on a 58kWh lithium battery. It also has 177 horsepower. The version features a rear-wheel drive, a large, 77-kWh battery and a top of the line engine with 201 horsepower. A single charge will get you 340 miles. The maximum range for this model is about 10% longer than that of an SUV. The Sport Line premium model will come with two motorsports, each producing 261 horsepower and 425 Nm torque. It can travel 312 miles.

Infotainment Technology:

The ENYAQ COUPE IV has a remarkable resistance factor of cd=0.234. This makes it both the best in its class and one of the most reliable in the world. Aerodynamic improvements are largely due to the sophisticated rear shape and the fine spoilers at the tailgate’s upper edge.

Enyaq Coupe will have the same cabin layout as the Enyaq SUV. It has a 13-inch touchscreen, and a 5.3 inch digital dashboard. The wide-glass roofs of each variant will be made from heat-reflecting glass and will come in two sizes. The Enyaq Coupe IV will start at $33,500, which is less than a regular car.