Latest EVs With Longest Range | Longest-Driven Electric Cars

As more consumers care about the environment, automakers are introducing new electric vehicles (EVs). EVs have a number of advantages over gasoline-powered cars, including less pollution, faster torque, and longer range.

The EPA combined driving range of every EV sold in the United States is listed below, from shortest to longest. The EV with the longest range is the Lucid Air Grand Touring, with an EPA-estimated range of 520 miles. Other long-range EVs include the Tesla Model S Plaid (405 miles), Hyundai Ioniq 6 (361 miles), and Tesla Model 3 Long Range (358 miles).

These EVs offer a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on gas. If you’re looking for an EV with a long range, be sure to check out these models.

List Of Latest EVs With Longest Range

These are the cars with the longest range that those are given bellow:

ModelRange (EPA)Price (USD)
Lucid Air Grand Touring516 miles$179,900
NIO ET7 150 kWh930 km (578 miles)$70,000 (estimated)
Lucid Air Dream Edition Range836 km (519 miles)$169,000
Tesla Model S Plaid405 miles$129,990
Hyundai Ioniq 6361 miles$40,950
Tesla Model 3 Long Range358 miles$46,990
Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan350 miles$104,400
Tesla Model X Long Range348 miles$104,990
Tesla Model Y Long Range330 miles$51,990
GMC Hummer EV Pickup329 miles$89,995
Rivian R1T328 miles$67,500
BMW iX xDrive50324 miles$83,200
Latest Electric Vehicles with longest range in 2023

1- Lucid Air Dream Edition Range: 520 Miles

The first one is Lucid Motors, an EV startup in California. Every Formula E team gets battery packs from Lucid, and the EPA says that the top-of-the-line Air has the best range of any electric car on the market today. The Air Dream Edition Range has a 933-hp engine, a 118.0-kWh battery, and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds. The performance version has 1111 hp and a range of 471 miles. The Pure model costs $78,900 and has 480 hp and a range of 406 miles.

2- Tesla Model S Long Range: 405 Miles

The Tesla Model S is a top EV. It is expensive, but it has a wide range, is useful, and performs well. Long Range starts at $101,440, while Plaid + costs almost twice as much but has 21-inch wheels and a range of 348 miles.

  • 120/124/115 MPGe (combined/city/highway)
  • Power: 670 horsepower
  • 320 miles for C/D highway range (Long Range Plus)

3- Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD: 358 Miles

The long-running electric car Tesla Model 3 keeps getting better. The Model 3 Long Range now has a range of 358 miles, while the regular model only has a range of 272 miles. The Model 3 is very useful because it has a big back hatch and seats that fold down flat. It’s the least expensive car that can go at least 350 miles. Tesla model 3 is the another vehicle that have Latest EVs with longest range.

  • Base price: $55,940
  • 134/134/126 MPGe (combined/city/highway)
  • Power: 221 horsepower
  • C/D Highway Range Test results: 230 miles

4- Mercedes EQS450+: 350 Miles

The first car to use Mercedes-EV Benz’s platform is the EQS. Other all-electric EQ models, like a mid-size sedan, are on the way, but right now there’s only the 329-hp EQS. The EPA says that only the EQS450+ with rear-wheel drive can go 350 miles. The EQS580 4Matic has 516 hp and a range of 340 miles. The EQS580 4Matic has 187 more horsepower than the EGS450+ but costs about $17,000 less to start.

  • Base price: $103,360
  • 95/99/92 MPGe combined/city/highway
  • Power: 329 horsepower

5- Tesla Model X: 348 Miles

Third-row seats and a nice front fascia are not what they seem to be. Tesla’s electric SUV is fast and can be used as a family van. One motor is on each axle in the base model. The Model X has 670 horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds. Tesla says that the Plaid trim gives you 1020 horsepower and a zero-to-60 time of 2.5 seconds.

  • Base price: $116,440
  • 102/107/97 MPGe city/highway
  • Power: 500 horsepower (C/D est)

6- Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD: 330 Miles

The Model Y has the same DNA as the Model 3, making it a rival crossover. During testing, it took the Long Range model 4.4 seconds and the Performance model 3.6 seconds to reach 60 mph.

  • Base price: $64,440
  • 122/127/117 MPGe city/highway
  • Power: 384 horsepower
  • C/D Highway Range Test results: 220 miles

7- GMC Hummer EV Edition 1: 329 Miles

The GMC Hummer EV doesn’t care that it weighs 9063 pounds. The Edition 1 truck has three motors that add up to 1000 horsepower and use GM’s 212.7-kWh Ultium battery. Ford says the F-150 Lightning can go up to 300 miles, but the Hummer EV can go farther.

  • Base price: $110,295
  • 47/51/43 MPGe EPA city/highway/combined
  • Power: 1000 horsepower

8- BMW iX xDrive50: 324 Miles

The electric motors in the BMW iX xDrive make 516 hp. With 20-inch wheels, the EPA says the iX xDrive50 can go 324 miles. 305 miles with 21-inch wheels and 315 miles with 22-inch wheels.

  • Base price: $84,195
  • 86/86/87 MPGe combined/city/highway
  • Power: 516 horsepower

9- Ford F-150 Lightning Extended Range: 320 Miles

The Ford F-150 Lightning came out before the Chevy and Ram electric pickups. The EPA says that the four-motor Lighting Extended Range can go 320 miles. With Ford’s 131.0-kWh battery pack, the Lightning Platinum we tested went from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds.

  • Base price: $74,169
  • 70/78/63 MPGe combined/city/highway
  • Power: 563 horsepower

10- Rivian R1S: 316 Miles

Like the R1T truck, the R1S has all-wheel drive. The EPA gave it two more miles of range even though it got worse combined, city, and highway MPGe than the R1T. The 135.0-kWh battery in the R1S gives it an EPA range of 316 miles. Like the R1T, the R1s has more than 800 hp. It is better than the Audi e-tron because it has a longer range and can be used off-road.

  • Base price: $70,000 (est)
  • 69/73/65 MPGe EPA city/highway/combined

11- Rivian R1T: 314 Miles

The Rivian R1T was the first electric pickup. All R1T models come with all-wheel drive, 110-volt outlets, and an air compressor. The EPA says that the Launch Edition with a 135.0-kWh battery can go 314 miles. That’s good news for people who want to get away from the city. The R1T could only go 220 miles at 75 mph. Through Rivian’s Adventure Network, DC fast-charging is available in remote places. The R1T is the fastest pickup we’ve tested, going from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds.

  • Base price: $68,145
  • 70/74/66 MPGe combined/city/highway
  • Power: 835 horsepower

12- Kia EV6 Wind RWD: 310 Miles

By 2026, Kia must make 11 new electric vehicles. EV6 is part 1 of 11. The EV6 has two batteries, some with a lot of power and some with a lot of range. The EPA says that the 310-mile range of the rear-wheel-drive EV6 Wind is the best, but an all-wheel-drive 576-hp EV6 GT is on the way.

  • Base price: $48,215
  • 117/134/101 MPGe combined/city/highway
  • Power: 225 horsepower

13- Ford Mustang Mach-E California Route 1 RWD: 305 Miles

It was controversial to give the Mustang name to an electric crossover, but the Mach-E is a strong car. The Mach-E GT Performance Edition has 480 hp and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. The EPA says that this model has a range of 260 miles. The Select trim, which costs $43,995, has 266 hp and charges slowly. The California Route 1 with back-wheel drive has the most range. The EPA says that the Mach-305-mile E gets 75 more miles per gallon than the standard model.

  • Base price: $51,875
  • 101/108/94 MPGe (city/highway)
  • Power: 290 horsepower
  • C/D Highway Range Test results: 250 miles

14- Hyundai Ioniq 5 RWD: 303 Miles

The cheapest car that can go 300 miles is a Hyundai Ioniq 5. Most trims with rear-wheel drive have a range of 303 miles, while the Ioniq 5s with all-wheel drive has a range of 256 miles. The standard rear-drive model has 168 hp and a range of 220 miles, but it costs $41,245.

  • Base price: $41,245
  • 114/132/98 MPGe (city/highway)
  • Power: 225 horsepower

15- BMW i4 eDrive40: 301 miles

The BMW 3-series is what the i4 is based on. It has a 335-hp electric motor in the back. With 18-inch wheels, the range of the i4 eDrive40 is 301 miles. With 19-inch wheels, the range drops to 282 miles. A 536-hp i4 M50 gets a motor in the front. The M50’s mileage is always 245 miles.

  • Base price: $56,395
  • 109/109/108 MPGe combined/city/highway
  • Power: 335 horsepower

16- Volkswagen ID.4 Pro: 280 Miles

VW’s push toward electric cars starts with the ID.4. All-wheel-drive models have 302 horsepower, and rear-drive models have 201 horsepower. The ID.4 starts at $41,190, but the 1st Edition trim is the one we like best. In real-world tests, we got 190 miles at 75 mph, but it was almost freezing.

  • Base price: $42,524
  • 112/121/102 MPGe city/highway
  • Power: 201 horsepower
  • C/D Highway Range Test results: 210 miles

17- 2023 Polestar 2: 270 Miles

The single-motor Polestar 2 starts at $47,200 and has a range that the EPA says is 270 miles. It has 231 horsepower. The dual-motor version has 408 hp and a range of 260 miles. $4000 is the difference. A consumer who cares more about speed than fuel economy should buy a car with two engines. The 11.2-inch infotainment screen in the Polestar 2 uses Android Automotive OS, which is a new operating system with built-in Google Maps and features designed for electric vehicles.

  • Base price: $49,800
  • 107/113/100 MPGe (combined/city/highway)
  • Power: 231 horsepower
  • C/D Highway Range Test results: 200 miles (2021 Dual-Motor)

18- 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV 1LT: 259 Miles

For 2022, Chevrolet’s EV hatchback gets a full redesign and a $5,500 price cut. The base price of the 1LT is $31,995, while the base price of the 2LT is $35,195. The single electric motor in the Bolt EV makes 200 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque. The car comes with a standard 10.2-inch touchscreen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and automatic high beams.

  • Base price: $26,595
  • 120/131/109 MPGe (city/highway)
  • Power: 200 horsepower

19- Hyundai Kona Electric SEL FWD: 258 Miles

The Hyundai Kona Electric is like other Hyundai cars. Well-priced, well-made, and able to go 258 miles. The Limited trim, which costs $43,725, is the best deal of the three. The Kona Electric has the same amount of space inside as the gas version, even with the battery.

  • Base price: $35,225
  • 120/132/108 mpg combined city/highway
  • Power: 201 horsepower
  • C/D Highway Range Test results: 160 miles

20- 2023 Genesis GV60 Advance: 248 Miles

The GV60 is similar to the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6. The Volvo XC40 Recharge and the Audi Q4 e-tron are rivals to the GV60. With 314 hp, you can go 248 miles, and with 429 hp, you can go 235 miles.

  • Base price: $59,985
  • EPA Fuel Economy combined city and highway: 95/103/86 MPGe
  • Power: 314 horsepower

21- 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV: 247 Miles

Chevrolet 2023 is one of the Latest EVs with longest range. The Bolt SUV has the same 200-hp electric motor and platform as the hatchback (mentioned further down this list). The EUV is 6.3 inches longer and has more space inside than the Bolt, but it can only go 12 miles. We only went 190 miles at 75 mph, which is 57 miles less than what the EPA said we would do.

  • Base price: $28,195
  • EPA Fuel Economy combined city and highway: 115/125/104 MPGe
  • Power: 201 horsepower
  • C/D Highway Range Test results: 190 miles

22- Audi Q4 e-tron/Q4 e-tron Sportback: 241 Miles

Specs, model names, battery size, and charging power can all be hard to understand. The 40 and 50 on the Audi Q4 e-tron don’t help. The EPA hasn’t given the basic e-tron 40 with rear-wheel drive and 201 hp a rating. The all-wheel-drive, dual-motor, 295-hp e-tron 50 can go 241 miles on a single charge. Both versions use the same battery pack, which has a capacity of 77.0 kWh and can be quickly charged to 125 kW. Already dizzy? The Q4 e-tron helps Audi reach its goal of getting 30 percent of its cars running on electricity by 2025.

  • Base price: $45,095
  • 95/100/89 MPGe combined/city/highway
  • Power: 295 horsepower

23- Kia Niro EV EX FWD 2022: 239 Miles (Latest EVs with longest range)

EV crossovers like the Kia Niro point to a future where EVs are the norm. The Niro EV is an electric people mover that is simple. The EPA says that the Niro’s 64.0-kWh battery gives it a range of 239 miles for $41,165, but our tests showed that it only goes 180 miles. The inside of the Niro EV looks normal, but the second row is a little tight.

  • Base price: $41,165
  • EPA Fuel Economy combined city and highway: 112/123/102 MPGe
  • Power: 201 horsepower
  • C/D Highway Range Test results: 180 miles

24- Audi e-tron GT 2022: 238 Miles (Latest EVs with longest range)

Range has nothing to do with how much power the Audi e-two tron uses. The 637-horsepower RS e-tron GT can go up to 232 miles, while the 522-horsepower e-tron GT can go up to 238 miles. At 75 miles per hour, the RS e-tron GT we tested had a longer range than the EPA had predicted. 60 mph was reached in 2.9 seconds. This is one of the cars that can go the fastest. Like the Porsche Taycan, these e-tron GT cars use an architecture with 800 volts to cut down on the time it takes to charge.

  • Base price: $103,445
  • 82/81/83 MPGe combined/city/highway
  • Power: 522 horsepower
  • C/D Highway Range Test results: 240 miles

25- Jaguar I-Pace 2022: 234 Miles (Latest EVs with longest range)

Jaguar I-Pace 2022

I-Pace is the first electric car made by Jaguar. Even though the fast crossover weighed more than 5000 pounds, it was fun to drive. Each axle has an electric motor that gives it 394 horsepower and 512 lb-ft of torque. The weight is moved by motors. I-cabin Pace has sporty seats, a sleek center console, and a lot of high-tech features. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can be used with the standard 10-inch touchscreen.

  • Base price: $71,050
  • EPA Fuel Economy combined/city/highway: 76/80/72 MPGe
  • Power: 394 horsepower

26- Porsche Taycan 4S Battery Plus 2022: 227 Miles

The Porsche Taycan is one of the few electric cars that drives like a sports car. On the skidpad, a Turbo S reached 60 mph in 2.4 seconds and 0.99 g. They are numbers for hypercars. This speed costs money. Turbo S costs $186,350. Even if you’re cheap, you can still enjoy Porsche’s EV. The base models with rear-wheel drive cost $84,050. With the Battery Plus package, the Taycan with rear-wheel drive that costs $89,830 can go 225 miles. With 4S and the optional Battery Plus, the Taycan can go 227 miles. Range isn’t all that matters. Every Taycan has a design with 800 volts and a peak charging rate of 270 kilowatts. This makes DC fast-charging go faster and saves time.

  • Base price: $110,720
  • EPA Fuel Economy /city/highway: 77/75/81 MPGe
  • Power: 552 horsepower

27- Nissan Leaf S Plus 2022: 226 Miles

The Nissan Leaf was one of the first mass-produced electric cars in the United States. After 11 years, the $28,375 Leaf gives people with short commutes and small budgets an eco-friendly way to get around. Out of the five trims, we chose the S Plus. It can go 226 miles and has a 214-hp engine.

  • Base price: $33,375
  • EPA Fuel Economy city/highway: 108/118/97 MPGe
  • Power: 214 horsepower

28- Volvo C40 Recharge 2022: 226 Miles (Latest EVs with longest range)

The electric powertrain of the Volvo C40 Recharge is the same as that of the XC40 Recharge and the Polestar 2. The C40 comes with all-wheel drive and has a range of 226 miles. The engine with 402 horsepower is 0.6 seconds slower than the Polestar 2 we tested.

  • Base price: $59,845
  • EPA Fuel Economy city/highway: 87/94/80 MPGe
  • Power: 402 horsepower

29- Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin 2022: 223 Miles (Latest EVs with longest range)

2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin gains range. At $56,395, you get 402 horsepower, all-wheel drive, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency brakes. We drove a 2021 XC40 that went from 0 to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds, which was two seconds faster than its gas-powered version.

  • Base price: $56,395
  • EPA Fuel Economy combined/city/highway: 85/92/79 MPGe
  • Power: 402 horsepower

30- 2023 Audi E-tron / E-tron S Sportback: 222 Miles(Latest EVs with longest range)

The Audi e-tron SUV or Sportback is a refined car that doesn’t use gas. Two electric motors make 355 horsepower and 414 pounds-feet of torque. During tests, the e-tron went from 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds. Our tester only got 190 highway miles, which is 32 miles less than what was advertised.

  • Base price: $67,995
  • EPA Fuel Economy city/highway: 75/73/78 MPGe
  • Power: 355 horsepower

31- Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo: 215 Miles

The Taycan station waggon has all-wheel drive and an air suspension that can be changed. Two electric motors give it between 469 and 750 hp. The EPA says that the Taycan Cross Turismo 4 and 4S both have a range of 215 miles. 750 horsepower Turbo S with a range of 202 miles. Even though the waggon has a shorter range than the sedan, Porsche’s 800-volt design is used to speed up DC fast-charging.

  • Base price: $95,050
  • EPA Fuel Economy city/highway: 76/77/76 MPGe
  • Power: 469 horsepower

32- 2023 Mini Cooper Electric: 114 Miles

Starting at $30,750, the Mini Cooper Electric is one of the least expensive electric cars. Even though it could only go 114 miles, we thought the hatchback was just as fun and interesting as its gas-powered twin. Improvements for the 2022 model year included an infotainment system with an 8.8-inch touchscreen and a steering wheel that can be heated. The Mini Cooper Electric can be charged to 80 percent in 35 minutes with fast charging, but it takes four hours to charge at home.

33- Mazda MX-30 2022: 100 Miles (Latest EVs with longest range)

The Mazda MX-30 is almost the same size as the subcompact crossover CX-30, but it has a 143-hp front-wheel-drive electric motor instead of a gas-powered engine. Even though it has a small range, the MX-30 is appealing. The cockpit space is maximised by doors that open in the back and a floating console. Its 30 kWh battery pack adds to its 100-mile range, but Mazda has said that a plug-in hybrid version with a better range will be available in 2022.