Tesla Self Diagnostic App Tool for service requests

Tesla Self Diagnostic App. Users of the Tesla Smartphone App can now access a self-diagnostics feature. That can help them figure out if their car needs maintenance or not. The new feature could make it easier for owners to get service, which has been a problem for the manufacturer.

Most people can tell when something is wrong with their car. But it can be harder to tell if it needs to be serviced. With the new Self-Diagnostics tool, you don’t have to guess if a Tesla needs to go to a Service Center.

If Self-Diagnostics finds a problem, the software update lets owners add photos. @Teslaadri gave examples of this on Twitter (via Electrek).

Tesla Self Diagnostic App

“Scheduling a service for certain categories will start diagnostics and let you know if there is a problem,” he said.

Tesla Self Diagnostic App Facilitation:

The function could also improve service to the owner. Service has been hard for Tesla, so the company has promised to open a new service centre every week by 2021.

Service Technicians who have been trained in SMART will be able to plan and fix a problem faster if they can tell right away if a car needs to be fixed. This will let them keep cars that are working fine out of the Service line.

The new self-diagnostics feature will save owners a lot of money and time. It will probably also make the jobs of professionals a lot easier. Since the app has already found possible problems with the car. It cuts out a step and gives mechanics time to get ready for the fix. While the car is being driven to the service center. This is a huge milestone for Tesla’s service department. It could help the business meet CEO Elon Musk’s aim of fixing two-thirds of vehicle faults the same day.