Renault MORPHOZ Concept Car the Coolest New Car in Production

Renault MORPHOZ Concept Car is the latest creation from Renault, and it’s likely one of the coolest new cars in production today. Featuring the most advanced electric vehicle technology available on the market, Morphyz has been designed to reinvent what it means to drive an EV—and it’s incredibly futuristic look doesn’t hurt, either. With three different levels of electrification available, Morphyz embodies Group Renault’s vision of personalized and shared electric mobility.

Introducing Renault MORPHOZ:

innovative vehicles for over a century, it’s not surprising that they’ve been at the forefront of electric and autonomous cars. Today, Renault is proud to announce their new concept car: MORPHOZ. It’s easy to understand why so many people are excited about Renault – their history proves they know what they’re doing when it comes to creating revolutionary vehicles. The last 100 years saw them pioneering things like front-wheel drive and turbocharging technology (among others). And now? They’re innovating once again with yet another ground-breaking creation: an autonomous, electric vehicle ready for everyday use in urban environments.

The design of Renault MORPHOZ Concept Car:

Renault MORPHOZ electric car
Renault MORPHOZ Car

With its fluid, sensual curves, Renault MORPHOZ is both a sports car and a city car. Its tapered front and rear sections allow for even better aerodynamics than those of its competitors—so it’s more efficient. That makes it practical, too: Renault has included an integrated battery system in its underbody to ensure optimal handling. So whether you’re in need of a family or business vehicle, Renault MORPHOZ adapts to all uses. As far as performance goes, go ahead and brag about your driving skills: Its acceleration reaches zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 2 seconds… or 3 minutes for something special!

Autonomous functions of Renault MORPHOZ Concept Car:

Renault MORPHOZ Concept Car
Renault MORPHOZ Concept Car

Automated driving systems make travel easier, whether you’re going to work or playing with friends. With a single touch on your smartphone or wearable device, MORPHOZ switches from personal to shared mobility. When it drives itself, sharing is simple and safe: all passengers are in control at all times and can easily communicate with each other.

Remote operation:

Not only can users start, stop and park their cars from a mobile device, they’ll also be able to track their vehicle’s location on a map as well as receive notifications about traffic conditions or potential collisions. Future owners will even be able to remotely control basic functions of their car, such as adjusting temperature settings or activating windshield wipers via a smartphone. Advanced features will allow customers to set customized heating and cooling preferences depending on where they are in relation to their car. Imagine pulling up at an airport and having your car pre-set to your favorite ice-cold temperature before you get in, or driving through a downpour and having it begin automatically wiping raindrops off your windshield. In addition, there is no need for dedicated charging stations.

Safety at high speed:

With its wheel electric motors, Renault’s four-seater electric concept car is quick off the line. It accelerates to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, which makes it one of a kind. But you’re going to want to take things easy because top speed is electronically limited to 140 km/h. That’s not just for safety; on French roads, there are sections where speeds above 100 km/h are prohibited even for cars without limitations. The MORPHOZ technology does allow for variable top speeds depending on conditions and road signs indicating restrictions. Because driving in high-speed traffic jams (more than 120 km/h) can be stressful, Renault has made comfort a priority—even at 140 km/h!