Review of the NIO eT7 Electric Sedan Full Specifications

NIO eT7 Electric Sedan – A remarkable sneak peak! This is the first sedan produced by a company that used to only make SUVs. The Nio E-T7 is fully electric and will not be made until approximately one year. There will be high expectations for this car.

Range of NIO eT7:

The first Nio saloon will go on sale in the first quarter next year. It will retail for approximately PS55,000. According to the manufacturer, the ET7’s 150kWh battery pack has a range exceeding 621 miles (1,099km). This is based on the NEDC test method in China and not the WLTP process in Europe.

Battery Performance:

This is because it can travel 1000 km in any DC mode. It is still quite a distance. It includes LiDAR technology and costs $0.33 per kilometer. It will be called Aquila due to its 150 kilowatt hour battery. This will make it a substantial investment. It’s their first sedan so it will be taking on many different vehicles. I think the car is stunning. It features 11 cameras, 5mW radars, and 12 ultrasonic sensor.

In a wind tunnel, it has a 0.23 drag coefficient. It is a Nio vehicle that can swap batteries despite its size of approximately 5 meters in length and 2 meters in width. It can use the same batteries in its bottom and it can be used at the battery changing stations. This makes it compatible with Nio vehicles. Hidden automated air vents and floating displays from NIO conceal sensors for autonomous vehicle control.

NIO eT7 electric sedan Price:

For variants with a battery pack, the NIO eT7 electric vehicle will be available for purchase starting at $54,000.

Specifications of NIO eT7 2022 Electric Sedan:

White interiors contribute to the feeling richness and openness. This is possible thanks to $2 worth of glass in the front as well as the glass around the back.

5.101mm in length 3.060mm in wheelbase 1.8987mm in width Depending on the situation, the lights can work independently or together.

NIO eT7 Electric sedan
NIO eT7 Electric sedan

5.101mm in length 3.060mm in wheelbase 1.8987mm in width Depending on the situation, the lights can work independently or together.

Auto Doors With Single Push Button:

The door will open slightly when you lift the handle while you are boarding the plane. The door will close automatically once you are seated. The door will automatically open when you leave the building.

Display Screen and 5G Connectivity:

There are two display screens on the computer. One of the screens measures 12.8 inches. The main display is 12.2 inches wide and the whole system has 5G connectivity.


NIO’s Second-generation Digital Cockpit includes a 10.2-inch AMOLED digital cluster, 12.8-inch center screen, 12.8-inch center display, and a 12.8 inch AMOLED display center screen. There is also a 10.2-inch HDR touchscreen in the rear seat, 10.2-inch HDR touchscreen in the multifunction controls, as well as an improved head-up display.

Technology and Infotainment:

It comes with 5G technology and other features. Incredible. They installed the ceiling made of microfiber material. We don’t have enough door handles in the room so we removed them from this car. To simplify the process, it has been replaced with a button. The door now opens automatically.

NIO eT7 Electric sedan look
NIO eT7 Electric

There are 23 loudspeakers installed in the ET7. Four of these are integrated into the ET7’s headlining. These are composed of tweeters, midranges and woofers located at the same height of the seats.

The system includes 33 high-capacity sensors components. It employs a high-resolution, long-range LiDAR technology with eleven 8MP cameras. It has 12 ultrasonic sensors and five millimeter wave radars. There are also redundant high-precision localization devices, V2X, and redundant high-precision location units. It is the first industry standard for sensor requirements for autonomous cars.