Fisker Ocean 2022 Complete Specification Review

Fisker Ocean 2022 is an all-electric vehicle designed by Henrik Fisker, is a striking new symbol of environmentally friendly transportation. Fisker Ocean maintains the styling cues and utility of an SUV, but it also boasts an appearance that is radically sculpted and has an arrogant tone. It also has clean lines, slick surfaces (including super duper lighting), and modern cubist architectural shapes. Starting Price is $49,999.

The Fisker Ocean, because to its electric motor and vital systems, takes up less room than a standard gas-powered vehicle of the same size. Featuring an extremely spacious interior with seating for up to five persons as well as versatile storage for surfboards, camping gear, pet carriers, and other items, it breaks free from the confines of conventional SUV design.

Colors of Fisker Ocean 2022:

  • Great White
  • Night drive
  • Horizon Gray
  • Mariana
  • Big Sur Blue
  • Silver Lining
  • Blue Planet

Amazing Features Of Fisker Ocean 2022:

Fisker ocean 2022
Fisker Ocean Interior

Using the Fisker Ocean‘s SolarSky, a groundbreaking solar-powered roof, it is possible to gather the sun’s rays and generate free electricity. With its SolarSky, the Fisker Ocean Extreme can travel up to 1,500 miles per year in clean, emissions-free mode, and in perfect conditions, it will be able to travel up to a total distance of more than 2000 miles.

Equipped with smart Traction:

When equipped with Smart Traction, the Fisker Ocean drives more like a sports car than an SUV, which is a significant improvement. This innovative, high-performance function transfers the appropriate amount of power to the appropriate wheels for excellent traction while navigating sharp curves and other challenging terrain. Smart Traction enhances the stability and traction of vehicles on wet and ice-covered roadways. Additionally, it reduces energy loss and increases efficiency, making it more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Materials:

Designed to be the most environmentally friendly SUV on the planet, the Fisker Ocean is outfitted with a beautifully built vegan interior that is made entirely of ethically sourced and repurposed materials. The environmentally friendly cabin is outfitted with high-quality upholstery, carpets, and interior elements produced from recycled plastic bottles, repurposed rubber waste, worn-out t-shirts, and abandoned fishing nets that were recovered from the ocean.

House of Power:

The Fisker Ocean isn’t only a strong vehicle when driving down the highway. It also serves as a dependable source of electricity for your home. In the unfortunate case of an electrical outage, the Fisker Ocean comes equipped with the Power House system, which can provide temporary power to your complete home for up to 7 days. When you use our onboard charger, a storm might also serve as a temporary power source for you.

Exclusive Touchscreen:

As a result, you may watch movies and videos in an immersive movie theater environment thanks to the ability of this touchscreen to rotate from a Control Mode to a landscape 16:9 widescreen format.

Automatic parking assist system:

With Fisker’s Park My Car, you can use ultrasonic sensors and surround cameras to discover the right parking location for your vehicle. Once you’ve found the ideal parking location, your Fisker Ocean will park itself, either parallel to the curb or at an angle to avoid hitting anything. Pedestrians, poles, and other vehicles can all be detected and avoided using the optional Obstacle Detection feature, which will automatically apply the brakes when necessary.

Fisker App:

With the Fisker App Personalization, you can interact directly with your Fisker Ocean via your smartphone, eliminating the need for a separate communication device. Make use of the app as if it were a key to your car. Remote Locate Vehicle, Vehicle Monitoring, and Remote Climate Control are just a few of the sophisticated app features available.

California Mode:

The front and rear windows, as well as both back-seat windows, both rear Doggie windows close to the D-pillar and the Rear Lift Gate Window, can all be lowered at the same time when in California Mode. With our SolarSky roof, you can even carry a surfboard through the back window, which is conveniently located. When you use our proprietary California Mode, you can even drop both rear-seat windows, both rear Doggie windows, and the Rear Lift Gate window, among other features.

HyperSound Audio System:

With 500 watts of power, 16 speakers, a 20.5-inch subwoofer, and one of the largest 6-channel dashboard speaker arrays of its type, the Fisker HyperSound Audio System allows the driver and passengers to enjoy their favorite music in the most immersive way possible. As you cruise down the highway, the Fisker HyperSound Audio System will play your favorite music through the car’s speakers. Using the premium audio system, the driver and passengers are immersed in a beautiful sea of 360-degree sound.