Should You Get A Dacia Electric Spring EV?

The Dacia Electric Spring EV is an electric vehicle that looks like a tall hatchback, but it’s actually an estate/MPV in disguise! Despite its unusual profile, the French car maker expects to sell at least 30 of these unique vehicles per month thanks to its low price tag, incredible range and minimalist cabin design. But how good are they really? In this review, we take an in-depth look at the Dacia Electric Spring EV’s specs, strengths and weaknesses so you can decide whether you want to get one yourself or not!

The pros-Dacia Electric Spring EV:

Dacia Electric Spring EV
Dacia Electric Spring EV

The Dacia Electic Spring is a super simple electric vehicle that’s cheap to buy and run. The entry level model costs just £11,700 – that’s significantly cheaper than most of its competitors. It’s also one of those cars with a no-frills interior that you can actually live with. And yes, it has two seats and a small boot but, if you need more space, you can always opt for an estate version with four doors. Other good things include strong air conditioning (the battery keeps it nice and cool), decent headlights, as well as easy handling at low speeds. Oh yes – there are also features like cruise control and even wireless charging!

The cons:

44bhp is modest compared to many electric cars that are launching in 2022, and you won’t be winning any drag races. Also, if you have a heavy foot on acceleration and with regenerative braking off then it won’t have as big of an impact as other EVs. As for space, there isn’t much of it at all (the boot has 80 liters). There’s also only one screen in front of you in place of dials which may frustrate those who prefer a more traditional driving experience. Don’t expect any driver-assist systems either, so do take extra care when you’re on narrow lanes or reversing out of parking spots.

The verdict:

The Dacia Electric Spring EV is an affordable and functional electric vehicle. But is it worth buying over a gas-powered model? The short answer: yes. Here’s why:1) It offers great range for a small price If you’re looking for an affordable, electric car with long-range capability, look no further than the small, 3.7 meter long French vehicle.