BYD e6 Long Range Battery Electric Car Complete Specs

BYD e6: Chinese automaker BYD has expanded its line of vehicles to include the affordable and dependable e6, the most reliable electric car in the world. The company’s iron-phosphate battery can last up to 500,000 miles (about 1 million km) before needing to be replaced and it requires no special maintenance or service over the course of its lifetime. Plus, this battery-electric crossover car produces zero emissions and has a range of up to 400km on a single charge, so you can drive worry-free as well as comfortably and efficiently in your BYD e6.


BYD e6 Photo
BYD e6
length/width/height4,560 mm / 1,822 mm / 1,630 mm
Wheelbase2,830 mm
Track width (F/R)1,585 / 1,560 mm
Curb weight2,420 kg
Maximum load-bearing weight450 kg
Tires225 / 65 R17
BYD e6 Specs

Interior Dimensions:

BYD e6 interior
BYD e6 interior
  • Seats 5
  • Head room (front/rear) 1040/992 mm
  • Shoulder room (front/rear) 1,471 / 1,454 mm
  • Hip room (front/rear) 1,406 / 1,340 mm
  • Leg room (front/rear) 1012/934 mm
  • Cargo volume 450L


  • Top speed 140 km / h
  • Minimum turning diameter 11 m
  • Minimum ground clearance 138mm
  • Range 400 km
  • Approach angle/Departure angle 21°/25°


  • Overhang(F) 920mm
  • Overhang(R) 810mm
  • Braking Regenerative braking, Front caliper disc brake, Rear caliper disc brake
  • Steering EHPS, variable for low & high speed maneuvers

Motor & Battery:

  • Maximum power 121 hp (90 kW)
  • Maximum torque 450 N.m
  • Battery Type BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery
  • Capacity 82 kWh


  • Ocean-blue + Shine White
  • Singapore Green
  • Timo White
  • Doctor Black

BYD e6 Safety & Comfort:

The BYD e6 is known for its safety and comfort. This four-door luxury crossover vehicle can seat five passengers and still has ample storage space for luggage. Additionally, its spacious interior and excellent ventilation mean that it’s one of the most comfortable vehicles available. The car’s smooth acceleration adds to its comfort level by making driving smoother than ever before. In fact, there’s almost no noise or vibration when you drive — a rarity with electric cars. Because of all these perks, drivers feel safe when they sit behind the wheel of their BYD e6 while passengers are always able to enjoy their trips more than they would otherwise be able to do in an ordinary car.

Range & Recharging Time:

The BYD e6’s 400km range means you can drive all day and night without stopping. Additionally, when you do stop to recharge (usually at night), its quick recharge time means you’ll only be waiting 30 minutes before heading back on your way again. That compares favorably with Tesla Roadster or Nissan Leaf which take 8 hours to charge at home but are also available for purchase now. The efficiency of using an electric motor instead of a combustion engine also means that if you drove a car like BMW 3-Series 15,000km per year, it would cost about $250 per month for fuel—and about twice that amount for electricity for a similar sized electric vehicle like Tesla Model S.

BYD e6 Market & Availability:

The BYD e6 is already on sale. The vehicle is priced at roughly $45k and comes with a standard four-year warranty. It’s available in dozens of countries worldwide and has recently been approved for use by state transit authorities across California. Customers outside of China are eligible for a $12,500 rebate from federal tax credits as well. This brings down its cost to around $33k, which is just slightly higher than comparable gas-powered vehicles of similar size. In other words it is economically competitive right now. While there are currently no plans to bring it stateside, sales representatives tell us that BYD would be open to doing so if sufficient demand arose.