Splitter Switch and EV Charger Bundle for NEMA

Splitter Switch and EV Charger Bundle for NEMA, You’ve decided to go electric, which means you have to make sure your home or business can handle charging a vehicle. But you don’t have the electrical background to figure it out by yourself and are unsure where to turn for help. Luckily, there are professionals like us that can help you with everything from installing the charging station itself to designing the wiring around it to figuring out how much power you need in your home or business. Our Splitvolt Splitter Switch and Charger EV Bundle will help you get up and running as fast as possible!

What We Do

At Splitvolt, we specialize in all your electrical needs; whether you are looking to remodel or add on. We pride ourselves on excellence in customer service. If you need an extra outlet, or even if you need help planning out your home’s electrical setup from scratch, we can help! With our products and services, you get exactly what you need; no more and no less. Visit our website today to learn more about how a Splitvolt splitter switch with a charge controller can help you manage your electrical needs!

The Problem

Many people don’t know that an Electric Vehicle (EV) can be fully charged in about 4-6 hours if used at night when there are lower power demands. Some EVs, like Teslas, come with free charging at superchargers. However, some people have limited access to these superchargers so they might want to consider buying an at-home charger. A splitvolt splitter switch and charger EV bundle are perfect for someone who wants to charge their car overnight while they sleep but doesn’t have access to a Tesla Supercharger or Powerwall energy storage system. Even though you will need to charge your vehicle overnight, using low power usage hours will still save money on electricity costs over time when compared with driving gas cars or hybrids.

Our Solution To Splitter Switch

Many people don’t realize that it is much cheaper to run their EVs from home than at public charging stations. This can be done by installing a high-power charger inside your garage or in your yard. However, many people aren’t willing to do that because of safety concerns, like an increased risk of fire. In addition, if you have more than one vehicle in your household, it can be difficult to figure out which car gets charged when. To avoid these issues while still being able to use home-based charging stations, install a multi-port charge controller device in addition to buying a splitvolt splitter switch and charger device.

How Does Splitter Switch Work?

During charging times, instead of hooking up your car to your home’s outlet, plug it into one of these devices. Connect both ends of your two-pronged charger to either side of the splitter. Plugin your charger into an electric outlet (either one or two prongs can be used). Plugin your car’s charger into any free port on either side of the splitter. Now you are charging from your wall outlet and from electricity being produced from solar energy being collected through a photovoltaic panel (or another renewable source) that generates electricity during daylight hours.

Before We Go Any Further

So, you want to buy an electric car. That’s fantastic! Well done. Your purchase will be significant in contributing to reducing overall environmental pollution across the world. However, it’s important that your decision includes more than simply purchasing an electric vehicle (EV). When thinking about switching to EVs, there are several things you need to consider: How will you charge your vehicle? Where will you charge your vehicle? How many charging stations can be installed in your neighborhood or city? Many people don’t realize these concerns while they are going through their buying process because they’re so excited about owning their own green car. The good news is that everything has changed since 2009.

What You Get

The NEMA 14-50 outlet allows you to charge your electric vehicle with ease. The plug on your charger plugs into it just like it would any other outlet. However, when you start charging your vehicle with electricity, it connects directly to your battery via a wire that comes with every SplitVolt bundle. The NEMA 14-50 then automatically disconnects once charging has completed so as not to waste energy or overcharge your car’s battery. With its compact design, 4 charging outlets, and automatic shutoff function, there’s little reason not to own one of these convenient devices! If an automatic shutoff isn’t important to you, keep in mind that there are cheaper alternatives such as manual chargers without automatic shutoff.