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Features of the Tesla Model X Plaid that Make it Unique

Tesla Model X Plaid Today we’ll look at how rear-wheel drive is replacing last year’s Model S design, which uses a nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery instead of lithium-ion-phosphate. Despite having a less energy dense battery pack than the previous model, this entry level Model S still manages to go 272 miles per charge. With the Long Range trim, you can expect up to 358 miles per charge for 2018 with two independent motors enabling Tesla All Wheel Drive to deliver more durability and decreased maintenance. Each motor only has one moving part, which means minimal upkeep for you. Unlike traditional all wheel drive systems, digitally controlled all wheel drive provides you with better traction control and handling options.

Though large and heavy, the Model X proves nimble as it handles like a car similar to its predecessor, the Model S. Touch sensitive screens line both driver and passenger side panels for easy access to its vast suite of options. Decide on which set up you want best: family seats with third row or captain’s chairs with second row?

Tesla Model X plaid Interior look
Tesla Model X Interior look

Tesla Model X Plaid Price:

  • Model X $99,690
  • Model X Plaid $121,190

Model X Plaid 2022 Colors:

  • Pearl White Multi-Coat
  • Midnight Silver Metallic
  • Deep Blue Metallic
  • Solid Black
  • Red Multi-Coat

Range & Performance Test:

Acceleration (0-60 mph):
  • Model X 3.8 sec
  • Model X Plaid 2.5 sec*
  • X Model 329 – 351 miles
  • Model X Plaid 310 – 335 miles
Top Speed:
  • Model X 155 mph
  • Model X Plaid 163 mph
  • Model (X) Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
  • Model X Plaid Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive

Power & Efficiency:

All of Tesla’s Model X’s components-its battery, motors, and exterior aerodynamics-were developed in tandem to maximize the efficiency and power of the car.

Obstruction-free windows :

Tesla vehicles offer an unrestricted view thanks to large, glass panoramic windscreens. Solar tinting and obstruction-free windows give up to six passengers uninterrupted views of the stars or cityscape – perfect for road trips.

Charming Interior Look:

There are five, six, and seven-seat options for the Model X. You can even purchase a 6-seater model if you want to get closer with your friends or family members.

Entertainment Display:

The new center display features 2200 x 1300 resolution, ultra-bright colors and exceptional responsiveness, making it a fantastic touchscreen for entertainment and gaming. Various vehicle information is displayed in a second display in front of the driver, and entertainment and controls can be found on a third display in back.

Computing Power:

In-car gaming via Tesla Arcade is comparable to today’s latest consoles thanks to a computing power of up to ten teraflops. The system supports wireless controllers so you can play from any seat.

Control of Airflow:

No vents or physical controls are needed to control the airflow and temperature. Cabin Overheat Protection keeps cabin interiors cool on hot days. As a result of warm air pre-conditioning, the cabin is always warm and the battery is always prepared for maximum performance.

Driving without stalks (steering yoke):

Driving without stalks or shifting is the ultimate goal. When you convert a stalkless steering yoke to an SUV, you’ll enjoy both the best vehicle to drive and the best vehicle to ride in.

Audio System:

With a 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system, this vehicle offers the best possible listening experience, while active road noise reduction is enabled by new microphones.


  • Audio with 22 speakers and active noise cancellation
  • Streaming media and music from multiple devices
  • Devices, including SiriusXM, FM and Internet radio
  • The center display measures 17 inches by 12.3 inches, while the driver’s display measures 12.3 inches by 8 inches
  • Most advanced gaming computer equipped with 10 teraflops of processing power
  • Device compatible with wireless controller 
  • Real-time traffic visualization
  • using satellite imagery
  • Access to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, and more
  • with Karaoke
  • videos
  • Use an internet browser


  • Seeing the world from a panoramic view
  • All glass is UV and infrared protected
  • Seats, steering wheel, and windshield are heated
  • There is a ventilation system in the front
  • There is a ventilation system in the front
  • The front seats, steering wheel, and windshield are heated
  • There is a Tri-zone Airwave cabin conditioning system
  • Equipped with HEPA filters
  • As well as an automatic entry and exit system with driver profiles
  • Ability to recess the lighting
Providing convenience:
  • Front doors that open and close automatically
  • There is a sliding cup holder and storage area in the center of the front console
  • Rear liftgate opens and closes automatically
  • The side mirrors are heated and auto dimming
  • There is 91 cubic feet of cargo space, including a trunk in the front
  • Fast charging is available via USB-C and wireless
  • Automatic garage door openers that are location-aware
  • Detailed Key for Phone

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